Past Speakers

The Society has convened since 1920; here are the topics and speakers we have hosted in recent years.

N.B. Some of the talks were rearranged or cancelled.

If you would like to present a talk or know of suitable speakers please go to our Contact page and get in touch!

2007-2008 season
Monday 21 January 2008Underground KentRod LeGear
Monday 18 February 2008Dover in World War 2John Iveson
Monday 17 March 2008Ringlemere: the Story of the Neolithic Gold CupKeith Parfitt
Monday 21 April 2008Stained Glass WindowsA Le Rossignol
Thursday 15 May 2008AGM; Members’ Night
2008-2009 season
Monday 15 September 2008History of RyeGill Draper
Monday 20 October 2008The Green Man in English ChurchesImogen Corrigan
Monday 17 November 2008The Romans to WhitefriarsMarjorie Lyle
Monday 15 December 2008Magic Lantern Glass Slide ShowBruce Crook
Monday 19 January 2009MemoriesJohn Hammon
Monday 16 February 2009Smugglers of KentChris Wade
Monday 16 March 2009Archaeological Discoveries at the Springhead Roman SiteVictor Smith
Monday 20 April 2009The Huguenots in KentNorman Hopkins
Monday 18 May 2009AGM and Members’ Night
2009-2010 season
Monday 21 September 2009Sister Janet: a nurse at Rourke’s DriftAdrian Greaves
Monday 19 October 2009The Wealden Iron IndustryJeremy Hodgkinson
Monday 16 November 2009Early Birds: Early Aviation on SheppeyAir Commodore William Croydon
Monday 21 December 2009A Fun Music Quiz, followed by Christmas SupperJohn Pearce
Monday 18 January 2010Urban Origins in Kent and the South-East – including WesthawkJohn Williams (Previously Kent county archaeologist)
Monday 15 February 2010Intelligence Aspects of the first Gulf War – What We Knew and What We Didn’t KnowHugh Webb (Chief of British Intelligence in Iraq)
Monday 15 March 2010All About Inn Signs and How their names OriginatedDavid Harper
2011-2012 season
Monday 19 September 2011Travels in TurkeySue Scrivens
Monday 17 October 2011Conservation and Restoration of Historical Books and DocumentsElizabeth Fagg-Shuttlewood
Monday 21 November 2011An Introduction to the Geology of KentPeter Golding
Monday 19 December 2011Old Kent Windmills (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Andy Wood (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 16 January 2012Bricks and BrickworkRichard Filmer
Monday 20 February 2012New Discoveries in ThanetGes Moody
Monday 19 March 2012A Town Unearthed – the report of the recent discoveries at FolkestoneAndrew Richardson
Monday 16 April 2012Kent and the English Civil Wars 1640-1649Prof Jackie Eales
Monday 21 May 2012AGM and Members NightSociety members
2012-2013 season
Monday 17 September 2012What is a Castle?Ian Coulson
Monday 15 October 2012The History of RNLI Dungeness lifeboatNigel Packer
Monday 19 November 2012Newly Discovered Bronze Age Hoards in KentJennifer Jackson
Monday 17 December 2012The Magic Lantern Glass Slide Show (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Bruce Cook
Monday 21 January 2013Kentish GhostsChris Wade
Monday 18 February 2013The History and Buildings of the Medieval Port of SandwichSarah Pearson
Friday 1 March 2013The Medway QueenMark Bathhurst
Saturday 9 March 2013Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 18 March 2013Who Lived in a House Like This?David Martin
Monday 15 April 2013Excavations at East FarleighAlbert Daniels
Monday 20 May 2013AGM and Members NightSociety members
2013-2014 season
Monday 16 September 2013What did the Romans Ever Do For Us? The Medway Valley during the Roman occupationSimon Elliott
Monday 21 October 2013The Second World War: with special reference to the 1943 bombing raid on AshfordBob Ogley
Monday 18 November 2013Discoveries at the Lyminge DigAlexandra Knox
Monday 16 December 2013Ancient Crosses of Britain (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Andy Wood (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 20 January 2014Elegy in a Country ChurchyardMarion Pont
Monday 17 February 2014The Norman Castle at NewnhamPaula Jardine-Rose
Monday 10 March 2014Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 17 March 2014Hadrian's WallDr. David Plummer
Monday 14 April 2014The origin and development of Christianity in Britain from the time of Constantine to the Augustinian MissionChristopher Sparey-Green
Monday 19 May 2014AGM and Members NightSociety members
2014-2015 season
Monday 15 September 2014England’s Mystery Port – background and development of Richborough for use in WW1Dr. Frank Andrews
Monday 20 October 2014Archaeology in the Ashford area by Wessex ArchaeologyMark Williams
Monday 17 November 2014Whitfield to Eastry By-pass excavationsKeith Parfitt
Monday 15 December 2014Kennington at War (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Robin Britcher
Monday 19 January 2015Following the River StourAndy Wood and Marion Pont (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 16 February 2015Hops and Hop PickingRichard Filmer
Saturday 14 March 2015Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 16 March 2015The Curious Revolt – Kentish Tithe Wars in the 1930sJohn Bulaitis
Monday 20 April 2015Britain’s First HumansDavid Carder
Tuesday 19 May 2015AGM and Members NightSociety members
2015-2016 season
Monday 21 September 2015Henry’s WarHenry Shackleton
Monday 19 October 2015Augustus Pugin's influence on domestic architectureTimothy Brittain-Catlin
Monday 16 November 2015Aviation ArchaeologyDave Smith
Monday 21 December 2015The History and Folklore of Wayside Plants (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Sue Scrivens
Monday 18 January 2016Recent Excavation in DoverKeith Parfitt
Tuesday 16 February 2016A Matter of Life and Death – Bronze Age sacred circles in the Kentish landscapeJohn Hammond
Saturday 12 March 2016Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 21 March 2016The Early Kingdom of Kent – Iron Age to King AethelberhtDeborah Cole
Monday 18 April 2016The Great Chart Soldiers Letters of World War OneEmma Hanna
Monday 16 May 2016AGM and Members NightSociety members
2016-2017 season
Monday 19 September 2016SuffragettesIan Porter
Saturday 24 September 2016Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 17 October 2016The Maidstone DinosaurPeter Golding
Monday 21 November 2016The Battle of the SommeSteve Hookins
Monday 19 December 2016The Plague Doctor of Smarden (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Alex Ferris
Monday 16 January 2017Ancient Iron Age Sites and Settlements of the British IslesAndy Wood (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 20 February 2017Community Archaeology Projects in KentAndrew Mayfield
Monday 24 April 2017The History of Allington CastleSir Robert Worcester
Monday 15 May 2017AGM and Members NightSociety members
2017-2018 season
Monday 18 September 2017Recent Excavations at East Wear Bay, FolkestoneAndrew Richardson
Monday 16 October 2017Those Dirty MinersGeoff Turner
Monday 20 November 2017Recent Discoveries in Ashford and the new community archaeology projectPaul Cuming (Heritage Conservation Group)
Monday 18 December 2017The Coming of the Railways (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Andy Wood (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 15 January 2018Excavations at BigburySteve Willis (University of Kent)
Monday 19 February 2018Master Masons – the story of how they built our cathedralsImogen Corrigan
Saturday 10 March 2018Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 19 March 2018The Crossing of the MedwayRob Poole
Monday 16 April 2018The History of the Kent Air AmbulanceKent Air Ambulance (Kent Air Ambulance)
Monday 21 May 2018AGM and Members NightSociety members
2018-2019 season
Monday 17 September 2018We Will Remember Them – War Graves and War MemorialsEmma Hanna (University of Kent)
Monday 15 October 2018Recent Discoveries at OtterpoolKate Glover (Senior Archaeological Consultant to the excavation)
Monday 19 November 2018Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an EmpireDr. Simon Elliott
Monday 17 December 2018500 Years of the History of Sandown Castle and the Community Garden (followed by Christmas supper of light nibbles)Linda and John Ford
Monday 21 January 2019The Kent and East Sussex Railway – Then and NowDoug Lindsay Kent
Monday 18 February 2019Caesar in Kent and the Fifth Continent ProjectAndrew Mayfield (Community Archaeologist)
Saturday 16 March 2019Industrial Archaeology Study Day
Monday 18 March 2019Update on the Dover Bronze Age BoatPaul Bennett (Canterbury Archaeological Trust)
Monday 15 April 2019A Schoolgirl’s WarMary Smith (ex Headmistress of Maidstone Grammar School)
Monday 20 May 2019AGM and Members NightSociety members
2019-2020 Centenary season
Monday 16 September 2019Underground KentMike Clinch (Kent Archaeological Society)
Monday 21 October 2019Sound Mirrors – Experiments in the 1920s and 1930sRobert Hall
Monday 18 November 2019The Perfect Playground – The History of the Crystal PalaceMichael Gilbert
Monday 16 December 2019Christmas Trek around Manaslu in the Nepal Himalayas – The 8th Highest Mountain in the WorldAndy Wood (Ashford Archaeological and Historical Society)
Monday 20 January 2020Smugglers and SmugglingJohn Morewood
Monday 17 February 2020The Lees Court Excavation ProjectKeith Parfitt (Canterbury Archaeological Trust)
Saturday 14 March 2020Industrial Archaeology Study DayVarious
Monday 16 March 2020TBC
Monday 20 April 2020TBC
Monday 18 May 2020AGM and Members NightSociety members