A Marsh Mystery

Harold Smith sent us the following account of ‘Modern Archaeology‘ :

“As a boy I lived on the Romney Marsh and in about 1942 my brother and I found that a builders truck was using the ‘lane’ but we could not see any evidence of any work being done, there were no bricks, sheets or earth anywhere that we could see. So, being boys we investigated and then found some workings in an old disused sheep pen.

After the builders left we were still intrigued – what was done in the sheep pen – we investigated and found a trap door in the pen loosely covered with straw – it was padlocked – that was a minor inconvenience for enterprising boys. We knew that we should not be looking or knowing anything of our findings and we slightly scared of being seen but never the less we opened the trap and went down the steps. We were then properly scared as we found bunk beds and various pieces of supplies – we thought that we had found a spy’s outpost.

We did not mention our findings to anyone not even our Mother but after the war had ended we realized that it was a Secret Army Outpost.

The hideout has now been ‘filled in’ and no trace can easily be seen but in the future will any archaeologist please note that all the population of Britain were not living in underground bunkers during 1942!”

Image: flickr photo shared by samstockton under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC ) license (resized from original image)